#ADollarOfLove #IWillGiveUp #GiftOfLove Campaign


Christmas, the season of giving, is fast approaching and just around the corner. Here, in fact in the Philippines, you could already feel the season with the songs you hear on the radio. And as early as now, we are sure, most of us are already preparing for it. We are already making a list of names of people to whom we give gifts to, things we buy for ourselves, stuff, food and drinks to share with our family and friends during the Christmas celebration, and so on and so forth.

But have we thought, even just for a second, about those people who barely have something to eat everyday? What are they having during the celebration? Wouldn't it be nice if we also include them in our list, in our plans, in our preparation, in our prayers? 

Most of us are very fortunate that our families are complete, that we almost have always something new, that we almost always receive gifts during the season, that we almost always have something nice to eat and drink during the celebration, that we are lucky, no matter what, we have all of these. We must be very thankful!

How about we give thanks for all the blessings we received this year by giving and sharing, even just a little? When we give, we receive. We receive an immense joy deep within. And this year,we want you to experience this kind of happiness! We encourage you to be one of our partners in giving thanks, giving back to our less fortunate brothers and sisters, especially the little angels of Bukas Palad (Davao) Foundation Inc. and those from the surrounding places within the premise who barely and almost have nothing during the Christmas season. #ADollarOfLove, if you join us with our #IWillGiveUp campaign, can go a long way to give #GiftOfLove such as toys and food for Christmas.

This project is an initiative of the #YouthForAUnitedWorld of Mindanao, Philippines. It aims to continue the project #LaruanKoParaSayoNgayongPasko (My toys are my gift for you this Christmas), which was successfully launched last year 2015, together with the ExeCom Officers of Holy Cross of Davao College, Davao City. This year, the project aims to be able to give gifts of toys, food and hopefully new clothes to more than 300 kids.

Are you with us in this endeavor? We are ready! We are willing to give #ADollarOfLove, shout #IWillGiveUp... and let the world know and encourage everyone to give a #GiftOfLove for our less fortunate little brothers and sisters of Bukas Palad (Davao) Foundation Inc.


Here is a Glimpse of last year's project


Are you ready to say #IWillGiveUp to give #ADollarOfLove as my #GiftOfLove to our brothers and sisters?

If you have credit or debit cards, you can immediately do an #ActOfLove thru a secured A Dollar Of Love Funding Campaign Page as shown on the left. Just click DONATE NOW and follow the rest of the instruction on the next page. You may also refer to the instructional videos found on the Be Our Partner Page.