Be Our Partner!


There are many ways you can help us especially with the use of social media. 

By using your own Facebook account, you can help us promote this campaign to reach as many people as we can. Just follow the very simple instruction as shown on the video. Please don't forget to use the hashtags #ADollarOfLove, #IWillGiveUp, #GiftOfLove and also to always include our website on every post you make on facebook.

And as early as now, we would like to thank you because we are very sure we can count on you. A simple act of love, right?


If you are more active on Twitter, you can definitely help us as well. By twitting and using the hashtags #ADollarOfLove, #IWillGiveUp, #GiftOfLove and including our website link, you can help us reach more people, be it from the Philippines or abroad. 

Simply follow the instructional video as shown on the left. It is very simple. 

If you would do both, then you are helping us a lot with this project.

We thank you in advance and God bless you!


We are very optimistic that you will not stop helping us with this campaign just through social media. We are very confident that you would like to make your every post a more concrete act of love. Hence, we encourage you to give whatever amount you saved from a simple sacrifice for our little brothers and sisters. You may contact us thru Focolare Davao Men and Women Centers, Bukas Palad (Davao) Foundation Inc. or even thru your local units or Focolare, to give your #GiftsOfLove. You also have the possibility to give #ADollarOfLove online, if you have credit or debit cards thru a secure A Dollar Of Love Funding Campaign PageYou may refer to this video for a simple instruction on how to do it online. 

Once again, in behalf of our little brothers and sisters who are waiting and very excited to receive our gifts this Christmas, thank you very much and God bless!